Summit City Bicycles did a nice post on the Transcontinental Edition AWOL we released earlier this year. With only 100 made, they went fast but it’s projects like this that makes us raise the bar. Looking back at this projects really makes us proud. The TCR AWOL is a piece of art and looking into the pictures you realize the level of detailing and the amount of love that went into the development of this bike. Thanks for the pictures!

We broke the rules again. This isn’t a featured customer bike. It’s actually owned by our assistant general manager, Nate, who was able to get his hands on this limited edition Specialized AWOL Transcontinental. This special edition bike is one of only 100 made, and is a true work of art. The first photo below is one of the coolest feature of the bike. Pictured is the bike’s USB port that is able to charge your smartphone or other device through your own pedal power by way of Supernova’s generator hub. The hub will also power the head light and tail light seen below. The bike also features an 8 speed internal hub, carbon-belt driven drivetrain, wind and air-proof panniers, and TRP hydraulic disc brakes. Unfortunately you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one of these, but don’t worry, Specialized has a line of AWOL’s that will sure to impress any commuter, off-roader, or adventure rider.

Nice AWOL!!!