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  4. tcbcourier:

    Check out this freshness.  We just picked up a sample of our new kit from Endo Customs in LA and couldn’t be any more stoked!

    While Chas puts the new duds through its paces at the CMWC in Mexico City, we’re going to extend our pre-order through next Friday, June 6th.

    See all the pieces in their splattered glory here

    So rad!!!

  5. Sleep tight

    yogyakarta, Indonesia
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  7. Recap #12hoursvacation to Cirebon Indonesia

  8. wearegoingawol:


    You know that old cliché, a picture say more than a thousand words. It’s true, especially if you make a really long AWOL and picture that.

    Renders and illustrations are great ways of selling a concept to a gnarly boss or a potential customer. The tools we have as designers makes it possible to very fast create a persuasive picture of your bike to come. It’s also a great way to visualize the end result for yourself. Switching colors, tires and components in a second. In this picture we used a combo of 3d, Illustrator and Photoshop, on top of that a pinch of unicorn dust.

    Visualizing the final result can boost your own motivation to finish the project. All we want to do now is finish this rad bike and #goawol

    Damn!!! Great project from AWOL!!!